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Createur de Mondes

Créateur de Mondes was created by Jordan & Aby, a married couple from a small French island, Martinique.

In 2014, they traveled to Paris to study their passions.

Jordan grew up inspired by major film directors and photographers in Los Angeles. His cousin, an avid photographer, also had a major influence on sparking his imagination. Due to his love of everything film, he has dedicated his life's works to capturing special moments. Jordan has made a career of shooting major commercials and films and photographing models.

Passionate and imaginative, Aby has always been intrigued by interior design and decoration. After graduating school, she established her own business, Design Breath, which specializes in designing and renovating corporate and personal spaces.

Aby's hard work resulted in being hired to oversee and design the construction of a container home. She was entrusted to complete the architectural design, manage the construction site and complete all interior design in 2020.

After harnessing their creativity for five years in the fashion forward city of Paris, Jordan and Aby decided Los Angeles could use an infusion of their unique creative style with Créateur de Mondes.

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